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Eating Right and Daily Exercise is the Answer!

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Read below to find out what starting your non-diet and exercise program can do for you and your family!

On January 5, 2004 I went to my family doctor for my annual check up. Right away I knew that I was in trouble when I hit the scales at 255 pounds, (about 75 lbs. over my suggested weight). Then, more bad news. A higher than normal blood pressure. My doctor had asked me on several occasions if I had a regular exercise routine, but my answer had always been no.

Also, we had another problem in the family, my wife had been prescribed medication for high blood pressure and she was starting to get somewhat overweight herself.

It was really a no-brainer for us both to join the local fitness club and start working our way back to better health through a regular exercise program. We signed up and have continued to keep a good tight schedule ever since.

I previously had been scheduled to return to my doctor for a six week blood pressure check. Off I went to see how I was doing. I'll have to admit that I knew that I was going to receive a better report, because I was just starting to feel much better.

So here was the good news I received!

1) I had lost a total of eight pounds!

2) My blood pressure had lowered to an amazing 126 over 79, 14 points down in just six weeks!

3) I only have to sleep about 6-7 hours each night now to feel totally rested!

My wife is also doing great, lowering her blood pressure and losing weight and really starting to become more active and alive! And by the way, my blood pressure lowered another 2 points in week eight.

We both have watched the increasing volume of infomercials and talk shows and read about the big brand weight loss programs, but none appealed to us.

We believe that we have discovered a workable way to better health and weight loss. It is the creation of a retired Special Forces, U.S. Navy SEAL [JGS]. This program is working in a big way for us and we believe it can help you reach your individual weight loss goal, without starving yourself and giving up everything that is good to eat!

If you are unhappy with that old overweight, sluggish and tired you, and you want to get up off that couch or out of that recliner and do something about it then we have a solution that will work for you.

Not only will it work for you, it will work for your entire family!

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